Baba's Welcome reflected in the tile wall in the outdoor dining.


MPR dining hall on opening day, 20 July 2012.


Volunteers serve lunch at Hostel D.


The William Donkin book "
Slave of Love" has been printed 
and is available below.

The book is a self-publishing venture and 

The call-up for the website is:

A new site intending to inform you about activities dedicated to 
Meher Baba
around the world.

You are invited to send in the announcements of your events.

Jai Meher Baba

yolanda koumidou-vlesmas


Meher Baba House Lending Library 

A collection of some 200 volumes, mostly by and about 
Meher Baba, which had its inception during the 1970's 
when Meher Baba House was located in Greenwich Village. 
This collection is currently being housed at the home of 
Margaret and Don Eucker, in Cedar Grove, NJ. The collection 
includes periodicals, poetry, stories, other spiritual books and 
a few videotapes, as well as a complete set of Bhau Kalchuri's
Lord Meher biography. For complete details or to make 
arrangements to borrow any of the material,
Please call Margaret at 973-239-0965.


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